Isabelle Barnett

Hi, y’all! My name is Isabelle Barnett, and I am honored to serve as your 2023-2024 Federation Secretary. 

I am a junior at Timber Creek High School and a sophomore at Valencia College. This year I am surviving as the president at Timber Creek High School. During my five years in FFA, I have gained more experience than I could imagine. I have competed in many CDEs and LDEs. My favorites are OH Demo and Horse Evaluation. 

“If it were easy everyone would do it”- My Dad.


I currently show chickens, sheep, and turkeys. I live in a suburban neighborhood where I can’t own anything more than a dog or a cat. Therefore, the idea of owning livestock was something new, cool, and exciting. 

I started showing chickens in 7th grade and strive to gain knowledge every year. 

This past year I started my adventure into the sheep industry. My current market lamb is a natural Hampshire cross named Bullseye. One of my favorite pass times is spent in the show ring. 

This year I bought my first turkey. My turkey’s name is Big City, and he is harness-trained to go on walks. 

Mentorship Program

I created a poultry mentorship at my school. I own 2 Cochins for students to lease for the year. The program is expanding at my school for more members to join and show chickens. 

I serve as the head of poultry on the livestock committee, guiding all students in the poultry program and teaching the ins and outs of owning birds. I have had so much success with my mentorship program. 


The reason I joined FFA was not for the animals; it was for the fantastic opportunities I got in this organization.

 While I have never settled down for one CDE, I enjoy trying new fields of agriculture every year. My first CDE was Horse Evaluation, where I learned my true love for animals. 

I love trying new CDEs for many reasons. First, I get to expand my knowledge in different fields of agriculture I would have never considered. Second, I meet new members in my chapter and at competitions. Lastly, I can find my dream career. 

I hope to see y’all at all the many CDEs this year!

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