Kaley Henderson

Hey y'all! I'm Kaley Henderson and I'll be serving as your 2022-2023 Orange County FFA Federation President!

I am a Senior at West Orange High School as well as a proud member and President of WOHS FFA. This will be my 3rd year serving Orange County FFA and I couldn't be more excited! Throughout my 7 years in FFA I have competed in about 15 different CDEs and LDEs, earning 4 State Championships along the way. Out of all the events I have participated in, I would say my top two favorites are Land Judging - since its the first contest I ever competed in back in 6th grade and sparked my passion in CDEs - and Floriculture - because it had opened up to opportunity for me to work my first job at Betty J's Florist. I also have a handful of ongoing SAEs including: crop production using different medias including hydroponics and aquaponics, plant production and sale, and a placement job at a local floral shop. Overall, I am beyond ecstatic to once again serve Orange County as well as all of its outstanding members, and cannot wait for this amazing upcoming year!

"Where there is love, we must live on" 


I absolutely adore all things plants and horticulture!

The main SAE that I'm involved in is a placement job at Betty J's Florist, a local florist shop in Winter Garden. There I work as a floral processor as I care for the flowers and plants within the shop. 

Outside of SAEs, I'm a huge plant mom at home with pothos, philodendrons, a butterfly garden, and way too many succulents.

I plan on pursuing this passion past FFA and into college as a Plant Science and Entomology double major.

Why FFA?

I truly enjoy FFA and agriculture because of the diversity within the field. There are so many different and unique paths that you are able to take. From an environmental scientist to a large animal veterinarian, the possibilities are endless and there is always a place for you and your passion. 


If I'm not in the Ag yard, you can find me on the volleyball courts. 

For the past 4 years, I've played for both West Orange's Varsity Beach and Indoor Volleyball teams. On top of that, I played club indoor volleyball at Five Stars Volleyball Club where we got to travel around, and out of, the state playing tournaments.

I've been playing volleyball for 9 years now and throughout those years I gained so many valuable teamwork lessons that have allowed me to become a better teammate and leader for not only volleyball but for FFA, too!

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