Malerie Scammey

Hey ya'll! I'm Malerie Scammey and I will be serving as your Federation Secretary this year! 

I am a Junior at East River High School where I serve as the Chapter Secretary. In my four years in FFA, I have had many chances to better the future of agriculture. I have had the honor of visiting the state capitol to advocate for agriculture. I have competed in a couple of CDE's, my favorite of which being Floriculture. I plan on competing in many more in the upcoming years! I also love to involve myself in any leadership conferences and conventions and have done many over the years. I cannot wait to meet and serve each and every one of you this year! Let's make it a good one!!


One of my biggest passions is showing livestock. I have shown commercial laying hens, cavy, and purebred poultry. In this upcoming year I will also be showing the Chapter steer at Florida State Fair!

I will say that my favorite animal to show so far is cavy. Although, I am always willing to try bigger and harder projects and will always try new and difficult things.

I find that showing livestock is the greatest way to meet new members from across the state and to learn amazing things about our industry. No matter what animal you raise, we all can learn some crucial life skills from these projects.


This word has quickly became one of my favorite words this past year. It's a way to show your support and love for a specific industry, organization, or all of the above! It's also an easy phrase to remember and a short hashtag to use on any related posts. 

I feel that advocating for the agriculture industries is one of the most important things you can do to better your community! With FFA being the future, we are able to make choices and solve problems that will forever change the way things are done!

So with all that said, I cannot wait to see all the different ways that you will AGvocate for the organization and local industries in the upcoming year!


I have been involved in dance for 11 years. Starting in the studio, then the competition level, and then to my high school dance team. 

By far I love the high school team the most. From the Friday Night Lights to Showcase, it is such an enjoyable time.

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